CSI accreditation
In 2009 Galaxy Rooflite installed a new management team headed up by Hamish Blackie. CSI accreditation given to Galaxy Rooflite, giving Galaxy Rooflite a quality assurance. The only one in fibreglass panel roofing to get CSI accreditation.
Introduction of UV stabilisers
Introduction of UV stabilisers

In 2011 Galaxy Rooflite started importing polycarbonate and using some local polycarbonate to give them a competitive edge. The importation of quality commercial vents also occurred to much commercial success. Our Tufflite 3660GSM is created and is an instant hit, Metroll Building products immediately use it as a solution on a copper mine in far north Queensland.

New colours
In 2012 Galaxy Rooflite in conjunction with Nuplex composites develop a special solution which increases clarity and minimises yellowing. Galaxy Rooflite introduces a new opal and ice clear at no extra charge and sales increase 33%
Leading innovators
In 2013 factory space was doubled with the acquisition of neighbouring buildings to house Galaxy Rooflites rapidly increasing turnover, a Melbourne distribution building is set up to give Galaxy Rooflite an office in all major cities on the east coast of Australia. Galaxy Rooflite in partnership with Jushi Composites utilise a newly formatted fibreglass roving with better tensile strength and clarity cementing Galaxy Rooflite as a leading innovator in the industry world wide. A new polyester film provider is awarded the contract to supply polyester film increasing the UM protection to 20 on every sheet.
State of the art fibreglass roofing panel
In 2014 a new state of the art fibreglass roofing panel line was commissioned using Alsynite New Zealand technology, complete with Gel Coat facilities. Nuplex are awarded the contract to supply Australian made Gel Coat and tints for Galaxy Rooflite specifically designed for Australian conditions.