10mm Twinwall

Galaxy Rooflite’s 10mm Twinwall Polycarbonate sheeting uses the fundamental principles of double glazing in an innovative manner suited to the Australian climate. Simplicity and ease of installation set it apart from costly double glazed skylights originally designed for cooler climates. Facilities such as small commercial premises, some residential properties, sports stadiums, multi-purpose halls will benefit from our 10mm Twinwall polycarbonate sheeting as it offers superior stiffness and reduces condensation.


10mm TwinWall channels trap air between 2 walls allowing the flutes to run the length of the panel. The panel with flutes are installed vertically and panel ends are capped with a UV capping on both sides allowing interior condensation to escape.

Some additional benefits include:

  • End Section used at top and bottom of sheet
  • H Bar s are used to secure the sheeting for superior stiffness
  • End Section is secured to the H Bar section for stability


  • Available in four unique colours Ice, Grey, Platinum, Clear
  • Available in two widths 700 and 1050
  • Available in lengths up to 10 metres in length
  • 10mm neoprene UV Stabilized Gasket to be used on the H-Bar, H Bar joins the sheets together