Fibreglass Roofing / Rooflite GelCoat UltraTec TopClad Fibreglass

Rooflite GelCoat Ultratec Topclad Fibreglass is used when there is a requirement for a Solid Sheet look, when the characteristics of a composite product combined with the numerous roofing profiles giving the architect limitless options for both colour on top and below to give it a solid sheet appearance.

The GelCoat is tinted on top where the bottom colour is mixed into the base resin giving it the appearance of a steel sheet but without the limitations.

When combined with Vinyl Ester resin it is the perfect replacement for aluminum roofing in highly corrosive environments. We recommend using the woven matt Tufflite for jobs where the safety mesh is unable to be used due to the corrosive environments but the need for a solid sheet look is required.


  • Excellent long term weathering characteristics
  • 25 Year warranty*
  • Superior surface technology and coating function
  • Outstanding surface erosion resistance
  • Suitable replacement for Aluminium Roofing
  • Limitless colour selection

*conditions apply

Typical Applications

  • Mining projects
  • Chemical Plants
  • Surf clubs
  • Architectural wall cladding and roofing