Fibreglass Roofing / Rooflite EFH (Superior Fire Retardant)

Rooflite EFH is a premium quality fire retardant roofing sheet, along with excellent long term weathering properties. The Galaxy Rooflite EFH fire retardant resin system incorporates a specific fire retardant formulation that can be applied to the full range of Galaxy Rooflite profiles in line with standard nominal weights. Typically, any of the Galaxy Rooflite surface coatings or product systems (SC, Warranty Plus & Tufflite), are fully compatible with the EFH resin system.

With a unique fire retardant polyester resin formulation, our system is backed by a 10 year or 25 year performance warranty dependent on which surface film is specified, SC or Warranty Plus. For full warranty details contact Galaxy Rooflite Technical Department

Key Features

  • Long term weathering characteristics
  • Superior 25 year warranty*
  • Non delaminating surface technology
  • Outstanding surface erosion resistance
  • Resistant to common place chemicals
  • Superior long term clarity

*conditions apply

Typical Applications

  • Industrial and commercial building skylights
  • Building skylight sidings
  • Retail Buildings

Quality and Testing

When tested in accordance with AS 1530.3 – 1999, Test for Early Fire Hazard Properties of Materials, Rooflite EFH achieved the following determinations.

Test Number 7-574840-CV
Ignitability Index 8 Range  0 – 20
Spread of Flame 7    Range  0 – 10
Heat Evolved Index 6 Range  0 – 10
Smoke Developed 10 Range  0 – 10