Fibreglass Roofing / Rooflite Thermolite System

Rooflite Thermolite Ultra is a premium quality dual layer roofing system that complies with section J of the building code of Australia. The outer weathering layer consists of our new Rooflite Thermolite Warranty Plus FRP sheet and a bottom layer of 10mm twin wall polycarbonate in clear tint. The exposed weathering surface features the new improved ultra violet surface protection, together with an innovative polyester resin formulation incorporating, Aero Space, Nano Technology. This truly advanced system is proudly backed by our 25 year performance warranty. Rooflite Thermolite will contribute toward providing a comfortable internal building environment, and will help reduce energy costs associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting. Rooflite Thermolite is the only choice for roofing applications that must comply with requirements for class 2 to9 buildings section J of the BCA. Available in limited profiles only.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced, Aero Space, Nano Technology
  • Standard 10 year warranty
  • Superior 25 Year warranty*
  • Ultra violet surface protection
  • Excellent long term weathering characteristics
  • Non delaminating surface technology
  • Outstanding surface erosion resistance
  • Outer Layer is resistant to commonplace chemicals
  • Superior long term clarity

*conditions apply

Typical Applications

  • Buildings in BCA class 5,6,7,8 & (office, retail storage, laboratory, general public buildings, Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Retail areas
  • Air Conditioned Indoor Sporting Facility’s
  • Buildings with condensation problems