Ventilation / Tornado 500 & 600

To meet the needs of the current industrial building market, Galaxy Rooflite have developed the Tornado 500 & 600. Economically priced, the Tornado is reliable, maintenance free and rotates freely due to the permanent lubricated bearing system. The unique variable pitch base also allows rapid installation as one size fits all roof pitch angles. The Tornado complies with AS2428.1 – 1993 to wind speeds of 200km/h and to the entry of wind driven rain at a range of 2.5L/sec under cyclonic conditions*.

*special figures are required for cyclonic areas


  • Economically priced – easy to install
  • Unique variable pitch base – For roofs angles up to 22.5o
  • Maintenance free, with no running costs
  • High performance aluminium construction


The Tornado 500 & 600 are suitable for all composite metal and fibre cement roofs, with pitches up to 22.5o. The Tornado package comes in a durable cardboard box which contains the turbine head, matching diameter variable pitch throat tube and base flashing.