Ventilation / Tornado straight vane 900

High Performance – Industrial Straight Vane Turbine Ventilation System

Keeping air circulating and at an effective rate can be difficult and expensive. Galaxy Rooflite’s Tornado 900 Industrial Ventilator is the inexpensive, reliable and efficient ventilation solution.

Using only the power of the wind, Galaxy Rooflite’s Tornado 900 Industrial Ventilator silently draws hot, damp and stagnant air from the building, replacing it with clean, fresh air – all year round. The whisper quiet, maintenance free operation is built to withstand heat and moisture extremes in excess of normal operating conditions. In the case of a fire Galaxy’s Tornado 900 Industrial Ventilators will aid in extracting deadly smoke and fumes from the building, allowing occupants a much better chance of escaping safely.

 Galaxy Rooflite’s Tornado 900 rotates freely, due to the permanently lubricated bearing system. The unique variable pitch base also allows rapid installation, as one size fits up to 22.5o roof pitch angles. A fabricated square to round fixed base is also offered as an alternative fitting system, subject to special order. The Tornado complies with AS2428.1 – 1993 to wind speeds of 200 km/hr and to the entry of wind driven rain at a range of 2.5L/sec, under cyclonic conditions*.

* Special fixings are required for cyclonic areas


  • Economically priced – easy to install
  • Available with either a fabricated square with round fixed base or a variable pitch base –
  • Deigned to fit roof angles up to 22.5o
  • Maintenance free, whisper quiet with no running costs
  • High performance, light weight aluminium construction


No Operation Costs – As the Tornado, is a self contained wind powered design, there are no operational costs incurred.

Reduced Power Costs – Proper ventilation provides a cooler, damp free and low humidity working environment, reducing the need for costly air conditioners or industrial fans. 

Reduced Installation Costs – Due to the versatility of the variable pitch throat, installation costs are reduced as one unit fits all.

Reduced Maintenance Cost – Rising damp & humidity causes corrosion of building structures, painted surfaces, metal fittings and potential corrosion damage to electrical wiring. Proper ventilation eliminates these problems.